Review: Loft Bar & Bistro

The Loft Loft Bar & Bistro
90 S 2nd St
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 291-0677

Imagine this… after an unusually hectic, stressful and active day, it’s time to pause and wind down with a late dinner on a cool and ever-so-slightly-breezy Wednesday night. Now zoom in to street level – the bare trees, the empty streets, the faint but warm lamps lighting the flagstone sidewalk. Zoom in closer, bringing that darkness inside to The Loft, where only the tiny tea candles and bar illuminate the restaurant. The dim ambience, the hushed whispers, the warm décor and inviting accommodations – the best way to end a long day, or rather – to begin (or continue) an amazing night. For a place that is so wildly popular, it was unwontedly quiet – and absolutely wonderful – ahh, the sound of silence! But don’t expect this rare silence on weekends (live music nights) or during the weekday lunch rush when corporate men and city women flock in and out of The Loft for self-proclaimed important meetings and business luncheons. The deserted restaurant was a heaven sent gift.

So after appealing to my audio-visual senses and mental state, my taste receptors were tingling for some synapse action. But honestly, the dinner menu was uninspiring, though I loved the drink list (but only because my liver is -OH deprived, I think). To be fair, I wasn’t particularly hungry, so take this review as you will. But we ended up splitting a Pesto Crusted Grilled Salmon, with rice and steamed veggies on the side. It was very typical fare, but I think that The Loft does very well with its basic dishes. The salmon was light and perfectly flaky, as it should be. The crispy outer surface contrasted well with the fall-apart-in-your-mouth feeling of the rest the fish. Hints of lemon really brought out the lightness of the fish, preventing the potentially overly-rich pesto from stealing center stage from the salmon. I mean come on – if I wanted to really taste the pesto, I would have ordered pasta. The rice complimented the fish, but the steamed seasonal vegetables were ehh. The chef could have been a bit more creative. Prices were decent for the view and setting. Portions were average, though if you ordered the whole she-bang (tapas, entree and dessert), then I’m sure you would not be disappointed.

The overall ambiance, the price range, and the company (ahem) make up for any shortcomings (close to none) – which means that I would definitely come again. But as always, stop by for yourself and tell me about it! Happy chance of running into you there? Or perhaps we shall go on a date there? Call me up!!!

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One Response to Review: Loft Bar & Bistro

  1. Char says:

    synapse action?!
    hahah cuuute.

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