Monday is just another morning…

Tuesday I only feel like living
Dancing along to every song
Liassez moi danser!

It really is just another day, albeit I did wake up on the right side of the bed and I’m in a good mood. Nothing has been going on in my life, and thus I don’t feel particularly inspired to write anything worth reading. But I do want to share a quick and easy Salsa Recipe that I picked up from Mr9 not too long ago, when we did Verde’s (third? fourth?) going away party. I’ve posted a recipe similar to this before, but now I have the pictures to do it justice.

Quick Oven Roasted Salsa
courtesy of Mr9 and lots of trial/error
The ingredients listed below are definitely adjustable according to what you like in your own salsa. More heat? Then I say, more peppers. Need more liquid? Add more tomatoes. Want sweetness? Use red onions. It’s as simple as that, and is a perfect staple in the fridge especially to top off tortilla chips or tacos – the ultimate snack for long TV marathons (more about that later).

4 large tomatoes
8 red/green bell peppers
2 jalepenos
2 large yellow onions
2-4 cloves of garlic
cayenne pepper
red chili flakes
apple cider vinegar
salt & sugar, to taste

Wash your veggies! With the salmonella scare and what not, it’s a good thing to wash everything. Duh.

After washing.

In an oven (alternatively, can be done on the grill), broil all the vegetables until you get nice charred bits. Yes, if you are worried about cancer, the flavor makes it well worth the slight increased risk of a tumor. I swear. And you actually eventually peel the worst of it off anyway… if you want… Make sure you rotate the veggies to get an even browning.



Once removed from the oven, allow veggies to cool before further handling. You can choose to remove the worst of the burnt bits, or leave them on for that smokey flavor found in the best salsas. I left most of mine on. Lots of liquid will be oozing out of these veggies, especially the tomatoes, so you can drain them a bit as well, or your salsa might resemble soup…

Roughly chop all the veggies, removing the stems/seeds from the bellpeppers and jalepenos. Or you can leave the seeds if you are brave. Completely up to you. Place the chopped veggies in a food processor and quickly pulse each vegetable to your desired consistency. I like chunky bits of bell pepper left, so I pulse these separately.

Ready for the chopping.

Place all the now-processed veggies into a large bowls. Start by adding 1 tbs. apple cider vinegar, 1 tbs cayenne pepper, 1 tsp paprika and 1 tbs salt. Mix well. From there it’s all about test-tasting as you go. I also added a handful or so of red chili flakes. In the end, I was a bit too liberal with the vinegar, so ended up adding 2tbs of sugar into the bowl as well. No big deal. You learn to fix and test taste after every addition.

Adding the spices.

The final thing. Now I gotta go buy tortilla chips…

So just a short and sweet entry for today. Like I said, I’m in need of a muse. The last few entries have been re-posts as I’ve been too lazy to really try anything new. But perhaps that will change in the upcoming days. On deck, I have an entry about Pie Day Friday (thanks Annie!), as well as a post on an easy stir-fry from when I was craving mom’s cooking last weekend. Kari and I made terrone recently, but sadly there are no pictures. There will most definitely be more candy making in the kitchen as we bought not one – but TWO candy thermometers for that very purpose. Also, I am leaving for SoCal this weekend. Can I say, orchestra seats for Wicked at the Pantages?!? I am ecstatic and very excited. Pictures and stories will follow. But until soon!

Insipid (someone help cure me!),

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