Trés Bon

BonChon Chicken

3407 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 487-787

BonChon Mixed Basket, Large.

BonChon Mixed Basket, Large.

I lack the words to describe how much I love fried chicken, so I’ll just illustrate by explaining that I eat it at least twice a week in some form or another, whether it’s japanese karaage or dry fried wings at San Tung (review to come… maybe) or good old cream-gravy smothered southern goodness. Obviously I know this is a health risk should I continue the habit for another 21 years, but for now I’m content to thank The Maker for inherited low blood pressure and the advent of statins. Like an addict, I just can’t fight the feeling.

When I need a hit, my thoughts almost always turn to the corner of 6th and Catalina in LA, just off Ktown’s main drag. There, at BonChon chicken, I’ve spent many nights barbarically devouring baskets of fried chicken before tossing the bones into a conveniently-provided metal bucket.

What brings me back time and time again is the skin, which everyone knows is the point of eating fried chicken anyway: every detectable smidgeon of subcutaneous fat has been rendered out via two carefully orchestrated trips to the fryer… and then each piece is lovingly painted with either chili-based spicy glaze or a soy-garlic one, which I imagine can only be surpassed by the tears of angels. The whole ordeal (and attendant 25 minute wait) yields some of the most shatteringly crisp, flavorful fried chicken you can imagine. And for lazyasses like myself, the deal is made even sweeter by the fact that they ONLY serve wings and drumsticks (and if you’re extra slothful you can request drumsticks only). Seriously, why do people even bother making bone-in fried chicken breasts??

Like any Korean fried chicken joint worth its salt (heey OBCT Oakland!), BonChon serves its bounty with the usual cubes of lightly pickled daikon (perfect palate cleanser between bites of tear-inducing spiciness) and crappy cabbage-and-thousand-island-dressing salad. Don’t eat the salad.

It also offers a mix of Korean and American other dishes, from dduk bokki (in either its traditional form or fried and skewered before being bathed in sauce, as shown below) to french fries with ketchup. There’s also the option of ordering American-style fried chicken with the quintessential flour-flake coated exterior… but don’t bother. Just get a mixed basket of the good shit (wings and drumsticks, with both spicy and soy-garlic pieces), a couple bowls of rice and a pitcher of OB. Then call me and tell me how much it changed your life.


FRIED dduk bokki

FRIED dduk bokki

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5 Responses to Trés Bon

  1. ray says:

    tried korean fried chicken once. found the meat to be wanting.

  2. cookiejarconfessions says:

    OMG. Nicole — I am uploading Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen soon. We MUST do a Fried Chicken comparison.

  3. Quynh says:

    haha ” tears of angels” ??? good metaphor

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