Live from Union Square

Spotted: AnhD in ballet flats trekking through Union Square unprotected from the blustery snow. Looks like California girl and her teddy were swept off their feet – literally – for the first time.

Yes, readers – I am reporting live from Manhattan! And I couldn’t be more excited. Arriving just after 10pm last night, I’ve settled in comfortably and am ready to shred the city to pieces. Beginning today. Early this Friday morning, I stepped out of Roity’s NYU pad and crossed into Union Square for the Greenmarket Farmers Market. But much to my dismay (and the weather forecast, I’m sure), it was snowing! A flurry of feathery white hazing my vision, attacking someoneiknows-teddy-bear, grazing my already-wind chapped cheeks. Clearly, this California girl was not ready for the weather. And to top it off, my ballet flats are faulty – there is a small hole near the sole, and by the time I made it to the refuge that is Whole Foods, my feet were wet!

But boy – what a prime location! Shops on every street! Food at every corner. Bakeries a dime a dozen (but not really…). Roity warned me that my pockets would be emptied faster than I could say Cookie Jar – and it’s so true! Already my To-Do list consists of visiting a bunch of bakeshops and patisseries. I am already in dire need of new shoes (I only brought flats). And socks (who wears socks with flats anyway?) And a thicker coat. Sigh. See the dilemma? Anyway, here are pictures from the Greenmarket – I saw at least half a dozen baker stalls, lots of fresh flowers (tulips are gorgeous), fruits (mainly apples) every few stands. It is wonderful, and would have been more wonderful had I been more prepared to buy freshly baked goods in the snow. Anyway, I will be documenting my sojourn to NYC each day, so stay tuned for more.

You know you love me,

PS. HAHAHA. Yes, I am slightly embarrassed I watch Gossip Girl -Guilty pleasure, what can I say? 😉

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