Sun Shining on My Face

If you have been following the episodic entries about my life, you know that I recently came back from New York City. I had a splendid time, and regret not having more time to explore. But as much as I enjoyed my time there, I come to the realization that I could never live in NYC. The noise, the crowd, the rush – everyone is a slave to the clock, to schedules, to running trains. And somehow, the tall buildings and throngs of people feel oppressive – the mammoth skyscrapers looming overhead, the pedestrians moving every this way and that, bumping shoulders, jostling bags. Additionally, walking down a busy street, you are often assaulted many other olfactory unpleasantries – smoky exhaust from the street level subway grates; pungent odors from sidewalk garbage on garbage day; burning pretzels from the corner food cart. I ❤ NY, but really can’t stand it long-term. So, to detoxify myself, I spent a good few days in remote (relatively speaking) Carmel, to let the sunshine defrost my face and the subtle sea breeze liberate me.

And I was set free.

A secluded village hidden by the lush Del Monte Forest and bathed by the waters of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel (for short) is charming and picturesque – perfect for a weekend retreat of relaxation and self-restoration.

Katy’s Place
Mission Street between 5th and 6th
PO Box 7467
Carmel, CA 93921
Tel. (831) 624-0199

On one of my morning walks, someoneiknow and I stumbled upon Katy’s Place, a hustling-bustling breakfast place – a contrast to the otherwise quiet and deserted street. Our interests piqued, we went in, were immediately seated, and proceeded to survey the menu and order.

Though busy, service was prompt and I was quickly given a hot cup of coffee, a small pot of cold cream and a jar of sugar. I usually do not like coffee, as I much prefer more potent (and tasty) espresso drinks. But, the coffee was well brewed at Katy’s and I was pleased by the cold cream (and not the gross powdery stuff you sometimes see). The menu was vast – and everything sounded delicious. I’m not usually this ambivalent, but it did take a while for me to order. And I settled for the Belgian Traditional Waffle, which also came with 2 eggs (scrambled) and 2 sausages. I also added a side of strawberries.

Someoneiknow ordered the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict, which came topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, avocado and a spicy Hollandaise sauce. As the name implies, it was a Southwestern twist on a New England classic. In addition, there was a side of country potatoes and he ordered 2 eggs over easy on the side. The waitress lifted an eyebrow at this point – we had just ordered a ton of food.

And all of it was delicious. Somehow, I had gained a huge appetite coming back from NYC, and it would seem as though I had developed a second stomach for extra storage. Because, believe it or not, I finished my entire plate. Impressive, no? The waffle was crisp and fluffy, with a hint of cinnamon that just melded so well with the warm maple syrup. Delicious! The strawberries were tart and fruity and just a pop of color on the plate. The sausages were tasty, especially once drowned in the syrup. Gosh, I love breakfast.

Someoneiknow’s Santa Fe Eggs Benedicte was pretty good too – granted I had eggs benedicte the day before, so wasn’t particularly fond of eating it again – but the flavors were great. More importantly, the whole dish was aromatic! The sweated onions, the tangy bite of the sauce, the herb infused roasted potatoes. AND what great visual appeal!

It was wonderful and delicious and I would go back for more – except that the bill was steep. Really steep. Our breakfast for two came out to be about $45 – ouch on my college student pocket. Love the food, not so much the price. But perhaps it was because we ordered so much food?!? Even so, the price won’t deter me. I will be coming back again (maybe post graduation when I’m making $+150K a year… in my dreams).

We’re going to the beach today
We’re gonna laugh and sing our cares away
The sun is shining on our face
We can take it in and let it out and say…
(Kina Grannis & David Choi, that guy who never smiles in his YouTube videos)


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