Review: House of Chicken and Waffles

House of Chicken and Waffles
Jack London Square
444 Embarcadero West
Oakland, CA 94607-3706

What an absolutely foreign concept to me! What a novelty! You would think that since I am close friends with Nicole that I would have caught the chicken and waffles bug a loong time ago, but noooo – I am a chicken and waffles virgin until Nicole proceeded to pop that cherry. And boy, what an experience!

Yes, it was awkward the first time. Yes, it did hurt. Yes, I am still reeling from the experience. To be more specific, the menu is quite awkward. How do I reconcile a (typically sweet) waffle paired with a savory, juice-running-down-my-jawline piece of fried chicken? The concept just does not mesh well, and frankly, I thought it was bizarre and awkward at first. But after I finished the meal, I realized that the first time hurt – and I proceeded to unbutton my jeans as the my tummy was unhappy from the over-indulgence, despite how thrilled my mouth was. After all, I sank my teeth into the thighs, left deep impressions on the breast, and even splashed syrup over and licked it clean –

Okay, so bad innuendos aside, the House of Chicken and Waffles serves up great savory waffles with amazing chicken. The waffles are fluffy inside while still retaining that amazing crispness to them. And though you can douse them with syrup and jam, these are slightly more savory than what you would normally expect at your breakfast joint. It is a great complement to your choice of chicken – liver, giblets, fried wings/thighs/breasts/etc. Now, Nicole is a beast – she ordered Lord BJ’s, which consists of 4 pieces of (dark meat) fried chicken paired with 2 huge waffles and drenched in a delicious gravy. Only Nicole can afford to eat that much and still fit into her size-23 designer denim jeans.

Lord BJ’s serves up 4 pieces of chicken & 2 waffles

I literally had half her portion, Angie’s Delight, and that was 1 piece of chicken, 1 waffle and a small cup of grits. First off, I now know I don’t like grits – reminds me too much of polenta (which I detest unless it is baked or fried until crispy). Second, it was delicious!!! Who knew you could have the best of the breakfast world with dinner? The flavors actually DO go well together! A bite of succulent chicken and a bite of fluffy waffle – heaven on a fork. Delicious.

If you are also a chicken and waffles virgin, then I HIGHLY suggest you get yourself to the nearest chicken and waffles house. In SoCal, the best place would probably be Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (closely affiliated with the Oakland one), which has several locations in Pasadena, the Greater LA, Long Beach, etc. Here in Berkeley, 900 Grayson is a good place as well.


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One Response to Review: House of Chicken and Waffles

  1. Mmmmm FCKEN TASTY. Keep up the food revues and the sexual innuendos my friend.

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