Spring Awakening

Gosh, it’s a lovely spring day in the East Bay. Blue skies, gentle breeze, green leafy trees iridescent under the sunshine, soft bubbling of Strawberry Creek just beyond my balcony. Gorgeous… and yet I am sitting indoors – antsy, knees jittery, only half-trying to put on any semblance of doing real work, and totally anticipating the end of my work day, so I can start my amaazing weekend with grizzly. Our itinerary will make your mouth water, and I will be sure to post up teasers for you. And to keep me (hopefully) accountable, here is the to-do list of things to look forward to:

Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore
Friday: Robert Mondavi Winery | CIA Greystone Restaurant | Bouchon
Saturday: 17th Annual Taste of Yountville

Promise to post pictures, reviews and recipes sooon! This weekend will (hopefully) reawaken my blogging motivation and get me cooking, writing and taking pictures again.

In other news, I am going to Columbia (the school, not country) in August to do my masters (MPH). An entire new world of food to explore, how exciting right!? Home to the best of the food world (arguable… but you have to admit that selection is pretty good). AND, I have old friends to keep me from missing home too much (Anthony Bui, Steph Roit <3), and hopefully new friends and acquaintances to keep me busy as well. Anyway, back to “work” for me.

I’ll see you in Napa!

Napa Vines

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3 Responses to Spring Awakening

  1. heather says:

    parents and i did napa/sonoma/russian river valley several years ago. amazing. look forward to doing it again sometime soon with my boyfriend. also recommend willamette valley and the surrounding areas in oregon, if you’ve not been. equally as wonderful.



  2. Kevin says:

    The Napa trip sounds exciting and congratulations on Columbia!

  3. Colleen says:

    Ooh if you’re going to Mondavi make sure you try the Moscoto d’Or dessert wine. It’s delicious!

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