I keep on fallin in love with you
Sometimes I love ya, sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel used
Loving you darling, makes me so confused…

I think I’m falling…. for New York City. The more time I spend roaming the streets and exploring the various neighborhoods, and the more I create my community – the less I regret my decision to move here. There is this energy and consciousness of being alive that is thrilling and invigorating. It feeds on the hum of the subway system, the throngs of people bustling down Broadway, and the whirl of the yellow taxi cabs. It resonates between the Empire State and Chrysler Building, and gleams in the light of Times Square. It echoes through the trees of Central Park and reverberates on the waters of the JackieO reservoir. From the South Ferry up to the hills of Inwood Heights, the city pulsates with life.

There is so much to see in the city, and even on the rare occasion I venture to the other boroughs, I am always pleasantly surprised. Such character! On this particular adventure, Lindsay and I trek off the island toward Brooklyn in search of good ideas at the Brooklyn Flea Smorgasbord.

There are over 100 vendors at the Smorgasbord, from local farmers to local chefs – all competing for your hungry bellies. Even though we came hungry, Lindsay and I didn’t make a dent in the list of foods we wanted to try – I guess that just means we have to go back!

Red Hook Lobster
NYC Red Hook Lobster

So many people have been raving about Red Hook Lobster, especially since they now have a food truck stationed in Manhattan for those who find Brooklyn too far. I loove lobster, so of course I had to try it. Lucky for me, they have a booth at Smorgasbord. Lindsay and I each had a lobster roll – that’s one Maine and one Connecticut style. The Maine lobster roll is smothered in mayonnaise and served with a pickle, while the Connecticut roll is bathed in hot butter. Both are served on a buttered and toasted roll, and topped with a bit of paprika and sliced scallions.

While I enjoyed the succulence of the very fresh lobster meat, I’ve definitely had better lobster rolls at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market (or my fav Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, CA). The flavors of the Red Hook lobster roll didn’t stand out to me – it was a bit bland. And believe it or not – the roll was TOO buttery! I almost never have a problem with excess butter, and when I do – you know it’s excessive. To end on a positive note, these rolls sure photograph well, don’t they?


In addition to the lobster rolls, we also tried Queen’s Danh Tu’s take on bun thit nuong – or vermicelli noodles with grilled meat, a ton of veggies, pickled carrots and a splash of fish sauce. Sad to say, this was the worst dish I’ve ever had. And I’m not saying this because I’m Vietnamese – the dish was just poorly executed. Even Lindsay didn’t appreciate it. There is a delicate balance that should exist between all the different ingredients – the mint and Thai basil should not overwhelm the sweet and salty meat, while the fish sauce should not drown out the noodles. But Danh Tu definitely massacred the dish with an unceremonious dump of cracked pepper and awkwardly proportioned all components of the dish. One positive note – the meat was well marinated, but was just destroyed by the other ingredients. I wish they treated the dish with a bit more respect. I can’t believe I paid $10 for this garbage. Actually, I can’t believe I even ordered Vietnamese food from a chef who couldn’t even pronounce the name of the food she was making. My mistake I guess.


In addition to these main courses, we also tried some delicious raspberry ice cream, a hibiscus lemonade (desperately needed some additional sugar), and a few mini cupcakes. If only we had had more tummy room, I would have loved to try the Korean bbq, the Shorty Tang & Sons noodle stand, and the Porchetta pork rolls.



So we had a few hits and misses throughout the day, but it ended up being a really great experience. I got to explore more of the city with good company – not much more I could ask for than that. Hope you enjoyed, and catch you next time.


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6 Responses to Fallin

  1. Chris says:

    Ah..that Bun Thit Nuong looks just as bad as it sounds. It looks like they just grabbed a handful of each ingredient and tossed them all onto the paper bowl. Makes me glad that I can find a good bowl of bun thit nuong just about anywhere here in San Jose for less than 10$.

    • cookiejarconfessions says:

      You have noo idea how much I miss San Jose right now for that very reason. Thanks for stopping by Chris!

  2. Simone says:

    Max has been wanting to make lobster rolls for a while… Lets do this.

    • cookiejarconfessions says:

      After you get home from Korea! So excited for our kitchen adventures. Also, I’m adding your blog to my links. ❤

  3. James Nguyen says:

    Love the poem. What a surprise! For a moment there I was like…argh, one of those typical love stories again :))

    • cookiejarconfessions says:

      Thanks James for reading past the first few lines! Those are lyrics from an Alicia Keys song entitled ‘Falling’.

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