Review: Colicchio and Sons

Colicchio and Sons
85 10th Avenue # B
New York, NY 10011-4725

For Restaurant Week this summer, a few friends and I made reservations for Colicchio and Sons, the Meatpacking District outpost of Chef Tom Colicchio (Top Chef). The Sons‘ Tap Room offers an a la carte menu, while the more formal Dining Room also had a prix fixe menu. The staff was very polite and nice, but because we were 5 minutes late for our 8:00pm reservation, we had to wait another 45 minutes until we were seated. Our mistake.

The seating area is warm in deep brown and sand hues – very inviting, particularly with the cushioned benches and low light setting. The entire Tap Room menu was available for the Restaurant Week deal, and the 3 of us had a riot picking out our dishes.

Before even ordering, the staff brought out an adorable amuse-bouche. I can’t remember what it was, but I do remember being vaguely surprised and happy.

To start, both my friends Jade and LV ordered a salmon sashimi that was seasoned with a crack of pink peppercorn and thinly shredded celery. I ordered the creamy corn soup, and found it to be deliciously refreshing and brightly flavored in part due to the mound of summer vegetables.



Jade ordered the rabbit sausage pizza with ricotta and asparagus. This dish is typically an appetizer on the regular menu, so it was a bit on the small side, and in my humble opinion, there wasn’t enough rabbit sausage! I also thought the pizza was a bit under seasoned, as there was not enough salt (or anything else) to balance the ricotta.

LV had a hefty portion of chicken and orzo – presentation was beautiful.

And though difficult to see, I ordered the delicious fish stew – a hearty tomato broth with generous portions of hake, squid and clams. With a bit of buttered bread, the stew was fantastic, and I am definitely going to try that again in my own kitchen soon. My only complaint is that the stew may have been a bit too briny or heavily salted for my likely. Trust me – I love a well seasoned dish, but if I have to drink a tankard of water after the meal, you know the dish was over salted. Nonetheless, delicious, and I would definitely come back for this dish.

For dessert, we had the chocolate pudding with blueberry ice cream and hazelnut, as well as the raspberry tart with lemon, thyme, and buttermilk ice cream. Of the two, I favored the blackberry tart – it was light and tangy, and I absolutely loved the buttermilk ice cream. The more savory and woody thyme brought such a nice mellow undertone to the dish – and the whole thing was so well presented! The chocolate pudding was not bad, but after such a filling meal, no one at our table really appreciated such a dense and heavy dessert.



Overall, we really enjoyed Colicchio and Sons. I had a wonderfully sweet Riesling (part of their special Riesling flight) that paired nicely with my hake stew and the blackberry tart. The staff was really attentive, and the food was not disappointing. Definitely will make it out here again for the right occasion.

See you at the next Restaurant Week!

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