Craving: Tagine

Hello folks! I survived the storm and was fortunate enough to come out unscathed. Life is slowly returning back to normal, so I thought I’d bring back the Craving feature.

“Tagine” refers to both a cooking method (and the subsequent dish) and the clay pot. Today, I am craving the pot so I actually make the dish. Native to North Africa, this heavy earthen pot typically stews meats and the long funnel lid encourages the moisture to remain in the dish as opposed to evaporating once the lid is removed. Here is a version from Emile Henry I really like.


They come in a lovely assortment of colors, here seen in jewel-toned hues.

My mouth is watering just thinking about all the dishes a tagine can make – all sorts of braised meats and meat stews served over a pillow of fluffy couscous. Specifically, I am thinking of this braised goat dish I had once, served with some flatbread – the meat fell right apart, and the flatbread was the perfect medium to mop up all the juices. You can find EH tagines at Sur La Table, from Emile Henry directly, or off Amazon. It’s certainly a bit pricey for such a specific item, but I think the craftsmanship is well worth it.

On another note, I am leaving for Costa Rica soon, but hope to be blogging live during the trip. Our itinerary is loosely planned but we’ve got volcanoes and rainforests and tropical beaches on the horizon. Next time I’ll see you, I’ll be living la vida pura.

Until soon good eaters,

UPDATE – February 1, 2013
I walked into Williams Sonoma earlier today and found lovely hand painted and handmade Tunisian tagines on display. They were absolutely stunning, and at $50 each, they were quite affordable. Here are a few phone pics I snapped:



The WS store at the Time Warner building was also serving up some delicious meatballs, seasoned with a spice blend and served with a dollop of harissa-preserved lemon mayo. Absolutely delish. They are currently promoting a collaboration with Michelin-starred Chef Mourad Lahlou of Aziza in SF. You can learn more about all the special spice blends, earthen ware, and cookbook at the WS page. I am definitely excited by the cookbook (there are LOTS of pics of the very handsome Chef Lahlou) and especially these beautiful tagines. Make sure you check it out!

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