Costa Rica – Arenal

Greetings readers from Costa Rica! Our trip is now half over, but I wanted to share a few images from the journey so far. I will be posting the entire web album once I have access to a more reliable internet source. In the meantime, I hope these will do.


Costa Rica is home to a lush and healthy rain forest, which supports all sorts of exotic flora and fauna. From our hotel room and on our hikes through the forests, we encountered a number of critters and creatures (some dangerous!).

Pit Viper




Lizards and Leaf Cutter Ants


Our first few days in this beautiful country have been centered around the Arenal lake and volcano. The lake and volcano have provided a number of fun eco-tourism activities including natural hot springs, nature hikes, water sports, etc.

Tabacon Hot Springs. After a rough hike in the rain, a dip in these hot springs was much deserved.


David and I with the volcano


More posing with the volcano.


And of course, what would a trip be without good food? In this case, comida tipica de Costa Rica.

At a typical soda, or a casual diner, the food mostly consists of various fish dishes with rice, beans and plantains. At Ara in La Fortuna, we ordered a taco (like a taquito) and garlicky fried fish with 2 glasses of jugo de frutas – a refreshing juice of mixed fruit.



We were also surprised to find that Costa Rican beef is delicious – it’s beefy – as in, there is good beefy flavor and the meat is appropriately tender – very different from the lackluster, mushy beef in the US. I guess the grassfed, free-roaming cows here are happier.


This is another take on the garlic fish dish, this time served with rice.

This is it for now. Today we are going horseback riding around the volcano, then a 5 hour drive to scout for crocodiles. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we will safely arrive in Tamarindo by nightfall. Wish us luck.

Pura vida,

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