Wolf Pack

Over the 3 years of living alone in New York, I’ve developed a bad hermit tendency and an insular, withdrawn, and almost selfish personality – very little regard and way too remote from other people. It didn’t help that I was working from home 80% of the time, and that my weekends were spent working or doing solo activities (like blogging, ironically).  I developed a rogue, lone-wolf mentality. Solitude became a welcomed companion, and I became accustomed to the quiet. In fact, I relished it. Recently, however, I’ve been staffed in San Francisco for a project, closer to my family and friends (and really everything I could hope for), and it’s been a surprising  change.

5800 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94112
Homepage: aziza sf

I first heard of aziza while browsing my local Williams Sonoma for tagines – I fell in love with the hand crafted tagines and Chef Mourad Lahlou. So of course, I HAD to try Aziza while in SF. After all, I’m not technically paying for it… and even if I did, it would have been worth every penny. Each dish was unique and featured bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and lovely presentation.

chickpea, yogurt-dill, and piquillo-almond dips with grilled flatbread

medjool date and lentil soup

lamb loin with such cute little fish mint leaves (rau dấp cá)


date cake with pink peppercorn ice cream, lemon curd and blood orange slices

601 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Homepage: Chambers

Located in the Tenderloin, Chambers is a trendy little spot by the Phoenix Hotel that has a rocking vibe and menu.

Yes I think I will…BeAmazing

Truffle Dip – yup you heard me right. Black truffle dip and waffle chips


sizzling kobe tri-tip (on a hot stone to cook yourself) with pickled veggies


duck breast with forbidden rice and proscuitto


Some kind of apple cake with meringue and maybe buttermilk ice cream – to die for, despite such a heavy meal preceding it


322 Lorton Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010
Homepage: Ecco

Near the client site where I work, there aren’t a ton of food options, so I ventured out a little further to Burlingame and found this cute restaurant for a post-work dinner. It was pretty easy to find a table on a Friday night. While we only chose 2 dishes + a seafood bisque, I thought it was generally pretty good. My only complaint was the taste of the seafood bisque (not pictured), which while very fishy was also too salty – a little off balance, but still edible. My favorite part of the whole experience was the dessert tray. I absolutely LOVE it when a restaurant puts out a dessert display. It’s a tradition that most modern restaurants have strayed from, but I really appreciate. The dessert menu of 6-8 items apparently changes every day or so, but I was happy with my selection of a mousse cake.

Crab Salad


There is a swordfish steak under the prawns and veggies



So far, this opportunity to work in San Francisco has been a mixed (though mostly positive) blessing. At times I miss my quiet and  secluded New York apartment – far, far away/shielded from and ignorant of everything else that was going on. Now I feel like being back in the Bay Area makes me more aware of the things going on in the lives of my close friends and family, and I selfishly wished I didn’t know; secretly wished I was still all alone – life was so much simpler then. A close friend recently told me that being here, close to home and family, means I need to resume the duties and obligations I had neglected while in New York, and that I have to abandon my insular ways. I have to re-learn how to live among and with other people again. I have to be a functioning member of society again. I need to remember my wolf pack. So here I go and begin my reintegration into society. Full of treacherous missteps, social foibles,  lessons, mini-celebrations, self-victories, and lots of delicious food  along the way. I’ll be in Yountville this weekend for the annual Taste of Yountville food festival, and I also have reservations at Gary Danko (among other delicious gems) later this month. A lot to look forward to, hope you’ll join me.

Until soon,


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