Bastille Day

For the past few years, Bouchon has hosted an annual celebration of Bastille Day in Yountville, putting on a lovely display of French foods hailing from the land and sea, paired with cold beers and bold wines, and finished with an abundance of dessert. Top it off with Chef Thomas Keller getting wet in the dunk tank, and it makes for a spectacular day.

This was probably the winner – lamb sausage and chickpea/arugula salad.

East vs. West Coast Oysters and Roasted Lamb on Flatbread


The chefs hard at work


Even more dessert – beignets and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich

Chef Keller in the Tank.
The food was fabulous and the weather was beautiful. A wonderful day spent with some of my favorite people. On another note, apologies dear readers for the lack of updates this month. I’ve been pretty busy/stressed out lately due to work and what not, and haven’t been in the most… uppety of spirits. But here’s a sneak peak of things that I’ve been keeping busy with…

Yes, we’ve started planning in earnest now, so stay tuned to find out which dress I finally chose*, as well as other updates! I’ll be heading down to Puerto Vallarta for the next few days and will be completely (and thankfully) unplugging from everything – no Outlook, GMail, IG, Pinterest, FB, etc. Much needed break. Thanks and until soon,

*Pictures were taken at Novella Bridal in SF, (illegally at) Kleinfeld in NYC, and Nordstroms in San Jose.

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