Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters
708 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 391-8311

Like so many restaurants in the Bay, the Sons & Daughters approach is influenced by the seasons and what is locally grown at their Los Gatos garden. The dishes are reflections of that garden, with lovely flavor and color bursts like geranium, magnolia, micro greens, lovely baby beets, tiny green strawberries, etc. Everything was beautifully presented, and several of the dishes were innovative and delicious. I quite enjoyed the experience, and am interested in seeing what their chefs and the garden can do during the other seasons.

Amuse bouche.

Fried summerset oysters.

Roasted baby beet salad with a lovely blend of French-Indian spices

Heirloom tomato soup.


Fogline chicken mousse.

Not pictured: hangar steak with chantarelle mushrooms.
Melon, cucumber, geranium ice cream.

Geranium ice cream and white chocolate cake.

Petit fours.

As you can see, presentation is beautiful at S&D. The food is undeniably good, though certain dishes clearly outshine others. The chicken mousse is outstanding, though I personally love all the sweets the most. The geranium ice cream is to die for – very refreshing when paired with the Galia melon, but also compelling when paired with the sweet and flaky white chocolate pastry. The finishing petit fours were also delish – little tiny macarons, a crunchy nutty brittle, and little pate de fruit. I also really enjoyed the ‘bread tasting’; we were able to sample 3-4 different types of dinner rolls with a bit of fleur de sel and butter. It tickled the carb-lover in me, though filled me up way too quickly – oops. I do recommend trying Sons & Daughter for a special occasion – the service is impeccable, the food is on point, and the ambiance is relaxed and congenial. It’s an experience that’s sure to be a great time.

And for those curious about the wedding planning – who knew there were soo many details to consider regarding stationery?Thermography? Engraving? Calligraphy? Embossing? Matte or pearlescent finish? Colors? Font? What a disaster.


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