Anchorage and Alaska

I never properly closed out my Alaskan trip. Once we saw the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, we hightailed it back to Anchorage, where we spent the remainder of the time relaxing and mentally preparing for our return home.

We drove out to Potter Marsh and were pleasantly surprised to find a protected sanctuary for swans and a few other wildlife. The marsh is beautiful, especially in autumn. The lovely docks allow pedestrians to journey pretty deep into the marsh, but without disturbing the wildlife.


There were also still a few late salmon trying to make their way home through the marsh. I will have to say that salmon have tough lives. The hardships and travails in my life are no compare to that of a salmon, who spends its life in constant peril of being eaten. After being born, it journeys to the ocean to mature, and if it survives the fishermen, it must then must return home on a treacherous journey where it’s at risk for being bear-food, not to mention that the fresh water slowly intoxicates the salmon and weakens it. And then, once it gets home, it puts all its remaining energy into producing offspring, before dying. What an awful existence. I am never complaining about my life again.


While in Anchorage, we ate at this sushi joint called Sushi&Sushi, not once, but TWICE. The food was really tasty and the space was great for groups. It’s in a strip mall off the highway, but so worth the trek from the downtown area. Anchorage isn’t all that big, and we had fun exploring the little niches of town via food.0912151844And just because we wanted closure, we had to have fish and chips one last time. This time at Glacier BrewHouse, which is packed with tourists. The portions of food were good, and generally the food was tasty. My one complaint is that the style of fish and chips just wasn’t what I wanted… I was expecting something like and airy, the CORRECT way to do it in Alaska – instead, I got this very thick and dense panko breading. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I wanted.


I think there’s a slab of fish under there maybe…

This trip to Alaska was pretty unforgettable. The sights and sounds were just too beautiful. Like I’ve probably already said, every bend in the road was postcard-perfect. And no camera lens or cellphone could adequately capture the majesty of the landscape or the dignity of the Alaskan spirit. There is much more here than the caricatured frontiersman or native American. It’s so much more than the oil pipelines or even the cartoonish Sarah Palin. No, there is a beauty and ruggedness here that radiates from within, that bubbles from the streams to the vast ocean, to where the end of the earth meets the corner of the sea and feet of the sky. I’ll be back. I’ll certainly be back.


My packing list here.


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