Sunday Funday

Today, Jo and I spent a fun Sunday picking flowers at B-Side Farm, and then arranging them with tips from owner Lennie Larkin. B-Side Farm is located on a third-acre parcel in Sebastapol, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. Lennie was really gracious and walked us through how to grow flowers, when to harvest the flowers, and how to arrange them to best showcase the blooms. She even provided a wine and cheese spread for us after spending time in the hot field.


A gorgeous centerpiece made by Lennie, and our delicious wine and cheese spread

Jo picking out a few dahlias

Jo’s first time arranging flowers – like a pro!


My arrangement – olive branches, zinnias, yarrow, dahlias, snapdragons, sweetpeas


My arrangement made it home and I added a few finishing touches – scabiosa, tulips and garden roses


Jo’s final vase arrangement

If you get a chance to visit Lennie at B-Side, I highly recommend it! She’s a great teacher and really reaffirmed my aspiration of one day becoming a flower farmer. Again, I’m having a tough time reconciling my professional and personal aspirations, but am actively trying to find a way to intersect or marry the two.

Thanks for reading,

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