On and off my shelf, books and other literature that I read and/or like to thumb through.

Y.O. Mourad Greenspan
DLebovitz  DLeite  AdHoc

EveryDay Bouchon DomesticGoddess
FrenchCooking Tartine Contessa
Classics Cookies OffShelf
Desserts FrenchLaundry Scoops
Bittman ATK Macarons
CakeBible Momofuku Zuni
FrankBruni Bittman MNestle
Pollan Joy  

One Response to Literature

  1. Planet Books says:

    My favorite new cookbook is Martha Stewart’s Cookie Cookbook. It is FANTASTIC!!!!! I’ve been making a cookie a week from it for the last month or so and haven’t made a cookie I didn’t like yet. I am cutting down to a cookie every two weeks at my husband and his office mates request though.

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